Don’t Have The Cash Flow? Let Us Help You Land Your Next Big Project

Creating Working Capital Opportunities for Over 29 years   

We recently received a call from a subcontractor who wanted to bid on a sizable purchase order with a major internet/cable provider. However, when he was told payment would be made in the 60 to 90-day range, he soon realized he would need consistent working capital in order to fund the ongoing project over the next few months.

Fast Accounts Receivable Set Up

Due to his customer’s quality credit, K.W. Receivables was able to quickly set him up with an accounts receivable financing line of credit.  Each week the client will complete his work, bill his customer for that work, and turn the invoice over to K.W. Receivables. We will then send the invoice out to his customer for payment and wait the 60 to 90 days to be paid.

Flexibility to Complete New Projects

This process will continue until the project is completed at which time our client can start to bid on and complete other projects while we wait out the payment terms of his first project.  This is a perfect example of why K.W. Receivables is one of Houston’s highest-rated factoring companies.

Reasons Why You Should Give Us A Call  

No Minimums: The client initially came to us with zero accounts receivable to sell and was able to establish a quick accounts receivable factoring credit line without the hassle of minimum requirement fees our competitors’ charge.

Speed: K.W. Receivables processed the application within 24 hours and had an offer sheet ready to go the next day.

Expertise: K.W. Receivables has been in business 29 years and already has established relationships with a wide range of debtors.  In this case, K.W. Receivables already had a relationship with the client’s customer making it that much easier to approve and facilitate this invoice factoring transaction. In fact, this particular client was referred to us by his own customer.

These are just a few examples of the many reasons why you should call K.W. Receivables for your accounts receivable financing needs.  

Contact us and get cash for your accounts receivable today!

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