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If you are running a business and have to wait on collecting from debtors, it can slow down other operations and limit the effectiveness of your services. We make sure that does not happen to you, and we’ll do the work to get the payments you deserve. In addition to getting your accounts receivable collections taken care of responsibly, you will be able to invest valuable time back into your business that you would have spent calling your debtors. We can get cash in your hands today so you can serve prospective customers and keep your business running smoothly. 

Long Periods Between Payments 

Your business may have an agreed-upon payment structure where there is a long break between payments. In this agreement, delays in payment can drastically set back your business and add more stress to your plate. In the subcontracting business often times you can only bill once the job is 100% complete, and in the process, unexpected delays can also affect when you are able to bill. 

Keep Your Rental Services Running 

Rental businesses can also benefit from our services in a similar way. Equipment lent out may not be returned for a number of weeks until the customer completes the project. Even once the equipment is returned, the laborious process of waiting for invoice approval and then payment terms of 45-60-90 days can delay your operations significantly. Luckily, we are in your corner and will send out intent to lien notices to all parties involved depending on the nature of non-payment and may file on your behalf if necessary. 

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