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K.W. Receivables is a factoring firm that provides Texas businesses with instant cash for their commercial accounts receivable. Since 1991 we have helped our clients stabilize their cash flow into a smooth and steady stream while providing the highest quality of service available. Our management has almost 30 years of experience in the factoring industry and stands ready to move your company in the right direction.

Companies with expansion opportunities but inadequate cash flow can run into a brick wall due to their inability to obtain a bank line of credit or an increase in an existing line of credit. Many of these firms are positioned to do twice their current volume of business without increasing overhead, but they do not have the cash necessary to take advantage of existing opportunities.

The answer to this cash flow dilemma may be a simple business practice known as factoring or accounts receivable financing.
If you are looking to expand your business but are unable to due to a lack of working capital, we can help. K.W. Receivables will purchase your accounts receivable at a discount and provide you with instant cash. Factoring gives you immediate funds for invoices that would normally take 30 days or more to collect. K.W. Receivables does not require a long term contract, nor is a lot of emphasis placed on the current financial condition of its clients. Integrity of the client, quality of the accounts receivable and the credit worthiness of the client’s customers are our main concerns. If a client determines that it no longer needs to factor, it merely notifies K.W. Receivables in writing of its intention to stop factoring. The client is under no obligation to factor beyond its needs.

K.W. Receivables charges a simple easy to understand discount off the face value of each invoice. There are no hidden charges for registration, application fees, administrative fees, postage, credit expenses, minimum volume expenses, account termination fees, etc. Our clients know exactly what it will cost prior to the sale of the first invoice. Some of the numerous advantages of factoring include no new debt, reduced credit risks, no loss of equity, availability of cash discounts when buying supplies or inventory, the ability to remain current on taxes and bills, professional management of receivables, stability, the ability to plan ahead with the assurance you will be able to finance your plans and the opportunity to sleep better at night without the worries created by inconsistent cash flow.

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