why Choose Us

When choosing a factoring company there are many things to consider other than cost alone because the fees that other companies charge these days can be misleading.

Below is a list of reasons why we think K.W. Receivables stands out from the crowd when it comes to providing the level of service that you deserve at an affordable and easy to understand cost:

Fixed Fees​

K.W. Receivables charges a one time flat fee off of the face value of each invoice so that our clients know exactly what it will cost them every time accounts receivable are sold to us. Most companies charge escalating fees based on the amount of time it takes to collect payment on an invoice which can reach as high as 10% and makes accurate budgeting difficult. Others may even force you to buy the invoice back if payment is not received within a certain number of days. Finally, some competitors charge numerous hidden fees which can prove to be more costly than the low fee they dangle at you initially to get you in the door.

No Hidden Fees​

Plain and simple there are no hidden charges such as application fees, account maintenance fees, financing fees, same day financing fees, set up fees, origination fees, account termination fees, postage fees, credit report fees or any other kind of fees companies are dreaming up these days to nickel and dime their customers. 

No Long Term Contract​

At K.W. Receivables we believe in earning your business unlike many of our competitors who want to tie you up into a long term contract and then charge you a substantial fee to get out of it. We feel that a long term contract is unnecessary since we are confident that once you see what we can do for you and how we treat you that you will be willing to stay. In fact many of our customers have been with us for several years. If for any reason you are not satisfied or decide you no longer need our services you can get out at any time.

Free Online Tools

We also offer online account management from any internet accessible computer so you can submit invoices to us online, monitor and track your account activity, view notes regarding collection calls we have made on your outstanding invoices and print detailed reports.

Accounts Receivable Management​

K.W. Receivables handles the entire collection process on all of the accounts receivable we purchase from you. In essence we become your accounts receivable department and can even run credit reports on your behalf to verify the creditworthiness of current or future customers. In addition, all of K.W. Receivables employees have many years of accounts receivable management experience and we know how to get around the bureaucratic red tape of both large and small corporations in order to collect payment efficiently and more importantly, in a professional manner. We understand the importance of treating your customers with respect because without them you won’t succeed and neither will we.

Flexibility ​

Unlike banks and other competitors K.W. Receivables does not face the stringent rules, requirements or red tape that must be adhered to when serving customers. What this means for you is quick decision making and the flexibility for us to tailor a funding program that will fit the unique needs of your business. Every business that walks through our door faces unique challenges and we aim to address them head on quickly, efficiently and creatively.

Family Owned and Operated​

K.W. Receivables is family owned and operated which means we take pride in serving our customers and treat you like family. In fact we do not believe in voicemail or machine operated answering systems. When you call K.W. Receivables during office hours rest assured you will speak to a human voice that can address your immediate needs. Also, being family owned and operated allows you direct access to upper management without having to go through all the red tape that larger corporations require before an urgently needed decision can be made.


When choosing a funding company you will want to make sure it is reliable and has staying power. K.W. Receivables has been in business since 1991 and because we are family owned and operated we plan to be around for years to come. Currently the firm is backed by several private investors as well as an established bank line of credit. In fact, our funding range per client on a monthly basis can range anywhere from just a few thousand dollars up to one million.

Overall there are many factors to consider when choosing an accounts receivable funding company and we sincerely believe we are the best in the business. Call us today at 281-446-5444 or fill out our online application for immediate consideration.