invoice factoring

Finance Your Industrial And Construction Projects Today With KW Receivables

Start New Projects With Confidence

If you’re in the industrial, construction, commercial, or manufacturing industry we have reliable factoring solutions to make sure your projects get financed. Even though we are in the midst of turbulent times there is optimism that our economy will fully recover. Until then we are here to help provide your company with peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to scrape by to keep operations running.

No Long Term Contracts Or Hidden Fees 

In an article titled, Is factoring the right move to finance a construction project, subcontractors mentioned that they would discount their invoices 1% to 5% if it meant their invoices would see a faster turnaround time. Fortunately, we can do better than that in addition to no long term contracts or hidden fees. We want to place cashback in your pockets and the power back in your hands. 

You can learn more about the benefits of factoring for construction projects here and contact us today for fast working capital solutions. 

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