Your Account Debtor is Facing a Company-Wide Software Change

This case has two parts to it.  First, out of the blue, your debtor suddenly stops making invoice payments to you.  You call to collect on your accounts receivable and you are told the company is in the middle of a companywide software change.  They kindly ask for your patience as they struggle through making the conversion and for not paying you on your growing unpaid accounts receivable balance.  Before you know it, your accounts receivable aging goes from 30 days to 90 days past due, maybe even longer.

Or secondly, you receive a notice from your debtor that they now have new electronic invoice billing procedures you must follow to ensure payment. Instead of emailing or mailing your invoices in for payment you now have to bill your invoices electronically using their new AP data entry system. Now you and your team have to take the time you don’t have to learn their new system while they do the same, both of which result in a slowdown of your cash flow.  

K.W. Receivables have plenty of clients who have faced both these situations which have given us the expertise to monitor and assist our client with learning and understanding the new systems.  With our invoice factoring services, our clients are able to keep their cash flow consistent while K.W. Receivables shoulders the receivables burden for them.

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