You’ve Worked Hard, But You Can’t Bill Us Yet!

As a business owner, you know the importance of cash flow. Collecting consistently on your accounts receivable is of the utmost importance. It has to be since you have vendors barking daily at you for payments, payroll to meet weekly or bi-monthly and potential new customers seeking out your services, all of which require cash today.

So, what do you do when you provide a service that consists of working for several weeks at a time before you are allowed to bill? Then once you are allowed to bill you have to wait out the payment terms of your debtor in order to see the accounts receivable turnover. Here are three examples some of our current customers face:

Oilfield Services – If you fall into this category you know that renting equipment or providing labor services is a daily occurrence and cash flow expense.  You also know that you can go weeks at a time before a project is completed and you are permitted to bill. Then once you have an invoice in hand you have to seek out a company man to put the seal of approval stamp on your invoice which can take days or weeks. Then once you have that back you can finally submit the invoice but have to wait out the payment terms of 45-60-90 days. That’s a lot of cash flow out the door to wait that long to get paid for!

Let K.W. Receivables ease this burden by providing you with cash for your accounts receivable after the invoice has been stamped. Decrease your wait time by double or maybe even more by getting cash for your accounts receivable today!

Commercial Lawn Care Provider – Your agreement with your debtor includes billing for an entire month of services once the work has been completed. That’s a lot of fuel and manpower! Then after the 30 days are up you bill and have to wait out the debtor’s usual payment terms. Cash flow becomes a struggle because you just spent the past thirty days dishing out expenses and services and now you have to wait even more time to get paid. Our accounts receivable financing services can help!

Subcontractor – Whether it is a work in progress billing project or you bill when you are 100% complete, either way, you know you can’t bill your customer (General contractor or “GC”) until the 25th of the month when the GC is permitted to bill the Owner. You also know the GC won’t pay you until the Owner of the project has paid them. Well, that can take weeks. Even worse the GC gets paid but does not pay you or the Owner really does not pay the GC for problems unrelated to your work.

However, if you have K.W. Receivables in your corner we can help. We will wait out the waiting game for you and pay you cash for your accounts receivable today. Also, when an Owner or GC fails to pay for the services you have provided, K.W. Receivables will send out intent to lien notices to all parties involved and depending on the nature of the non-payment, may even file a lien on your behalf to ensure we get paid as allowed by Texas lien law statues.

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