Acquisitions and Mergers, Hooray!

Have you ever caught yourself enjoying how well things are going with your best customer?  Then out of the blue, you read a headline stating they have just merged with another company or even worse been acquired?  Suddenly, your receivables payments stop coming and your business cash flow starts to suffer.

Why? Because anytime you have a merger/acquisition situation, layoffs and turnover occur within in the AP department.  Software conversions take time to come to fruition. Payment terms change from timely to untimely etc, etc.

At K.W. Receivables our customers face these kinds of changes frequently.  If we are in your corner you will get cash for your accounts receivable today while we sludge through the above debtor changes.  Consistent cash flow provided by K.W. Receivables’ accounts receivable factoring program helps you win again!

Contact us today to help you!

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