Factoring Services for Your Cyclical Business

Changing of The Seasons 

Springtime is almost here followed by summer. For those businesses that are cyclical by season, that means a sudden jump in orders and an instant cash flow crunch.  K.W. receivables can help. Use our factoring services to instantly improve your cash flow and keep up with the growing orders slamming your company daily during this all-important season.

Some of our seasonal clients that use our accounts receivable financing services include the following:

Commercial Lawn Care – Let K.W. Receivables focus on financing your business and collecting your receivables so you can focus on the mad rush for spring/summer lawn care services.  An increase in payroll, fuel costs, equipment etc. can now be contained with instant working capital provided by K.W.

School’s Out! – Do you provide commercial services to the school districts around the Houston area?  When school is out and facilities are not in use, that is the time districts require miscellaneous services be performed.  You have a three-month window to get those services done with limited working capital to meet the sudden jump in demand. Use K.W. receivables to meet that demand head-on by utilizing our invoice factoring services.

Refrigeration/AC Repair – When it starts to get hot out, the stress on and demand for refrigeration/cooling systems increases.  We have one commercial refrigeration client who sees their demand for service increase 5 to 10 fold during the warmer season with their customer HEB.  Do they worry? No, because they use our cash for accounts receivable program to meet their sudden working capital needs.

Don’t wait 30-60-90 days to get paid on your receivables during the warmer seasonal period and miss opportunities due to limited working capital. Your ability to meet the demand over this 6-month window can make or break your small business. We’ll make sure that you don’t have to pass up on orders during peak season waiting to get paid for your receivables. Use our invoice factoring services today and improve your cash flow instantly.

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