Satisfied Client Thank You Letter to K.W. Receivables

I realize I could hire someone to track the invoices, make collection calls, etc. for less then sending them through K.W. Receivables, but that is another employee to add to the group, another procedure and it would still take time on my part most likely, and time is something in short supply most days.

I’d rather focus on the daily business and not worry with collections or sending out billings.  In our price structure we cover the cost of K.W. Receivables anyways.

You probably can imagine, every once in a while, banks contact us about going through them for a line of credit or asking if we need loans etc.  We have kept TSI totally debt free through factoring our receivables.

Banks are always surprised that we factor and tell us they can do the same thing (or so they say) for less.  I always tell them we have done business with K.W. Receivables for years; it has always worked, I’ve never known K.W. receivables to make mistakes and since we cover the cost anyways in our price structure, I don’t see the need to do anything else.  Especially not when the procedure is as simple as you all have made it.

Thanks again for all you have done for us throughout the years.  I have no doubt we would have survived the struggles of a growing business had it not been for our relationship with you all.


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