The Tax Man Cometh

Every year in March we receive cash flow help calls from firms who failed to make estimated tax payments.  When the tax bill comes and a large unexpected payment must be made to the IRS a hit to financing cash flow becomes inevitable.

The same goes for paying your 940/941 payroll taxes.  When companies face cash flow dilemmas such as the ones above or others, many companies, unfortunately, make the unwise decision of not paying their payroll taxes until cash flow recovers.  This can have devastating consequences as the IRS will hit you with exuberant penalties and interest making your cash flow problem even worse.

Don’t wait until it is too late!  Use our accounts receivable financing services to avoid a potential tax problem by selling us your accounts receivable consistently for cash.  Additionally, we will monitor your tax situation with the IRS at no charge to you to ensure you are steering clear from any unforeseen IRS issues.

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